Private Sector applaud development of Trade Portal


Hilary Woelk,Chair of the Lesotho Business Partnership Forum, says: For the Business Partnership Forum the arrival of the Lesotho Trade Portal represents a major breakthrough in the relationship between business and government. It represents a level of transparency in procedures and processes which business can only welcome as a sign of a more constructive and open approach to the management of government affairs.

Updated on : 24-03-2014

Private Sector applaud development of Trade Portal

The Project Team from LRA and OBFC are to be congratulated on the efforts as are all the Ministries and Agencies who have provided the relevant information.

The launch is a positive step, but the acid test for business will be the accuracy of the information and the timely updating of the portal.  I would encourage all stakeholders to make good use of the news section to give early warning of changes so that business can make a constructive contribution to the process.

To my business colleagues I encourage you to make full use of the site and particularly encourage you to offer constructive feedback on its usefulness and potential development.

I am also aware that this is the first step in an much broader Customs and Border management development to be released over the next two years and look forward to seeing this continuous improvement.

As a frequent border user myself I look to the portal to provide a major element of  the much needed consistency at the Border posts and will be monitoring this closely.

Again congratulations and welcome to this development.

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